Newsletter #1 – Splashboards, Distribution Plots

Welcome to the first edition of our newsletter! We’ll be using this space to share updates on our Data Platform and other resources we think you’ll find useful. This time, we’re sharing updates on an exciting preview of Splashboards, the simple dashboard solution for your Splashback data! We’ve also released Distribution Plots as a new… Continue reading Newsletter #1 – Splashboards, Distribution Plots

Calculate water discharge from V-notch Weirs in Excel

V-notch weirs are an effective way to measure water flow in a wide range of situations. We published a paper on its correct use, and created a free Excel function to simplify the process. Many of Splashback’s clients work with water discharge as part of their environmental monitoring. These measurements of flow and discharge are… Continue reading Calculate water discharge from V-notch Weirs in Excel

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