We record change
to inform change.

Splashback prides itself on being built to fill a specific need – giving it a real story with real world effects.

Our History.

  • Derwent Estuary Program

    Splashback began as a VBA application within Microsoft Excel, developed for the significant data requirements of the Derwent Estuary Program. Pollution audits showed the need for improved data management.

    The Derwent Estuary Program is a partnership between state and local government and industry to make the Derwent a world class asset by sharing science for the benefit of nature, the economy and the community.

    The Derwent Estuary Program remains one of Splashback's largest clients.

  • Savage River Rehabilitation

    One of Tasmania's biggest environmental projects, the Savage River Rehabilitation project required the auditing of all legacy pollutants associated with a mining lease.

    The use of Splashback allowed mine staff and government departments working on the project to see the same data. This created a technical dialogue between stakeholders, enabling them to make decisions regarding priorities for pollution mitigation.

  • Aquatic Science

    The consultancy Aquatic Science was formed to provide advice on water quality. After extensive work in the industry, it soon became apparent that clients had many common data needs. Permission was sought from the Tasmanian EPA to expand use of the Splashback system developed for government projects to enable other companies and entities to benefit from Splashback. During this time, use of Splashback grew rapidly in Tasmania.

  • Migrated to modern SaaS Solution

    With Microsoft ceasing active support of VBA, the decision was made to begin research and development into a modern SaaS (software as a service) solution, running on the web-based Excel Add-In platform. This provided a wealth of opportunities for improvement of Splashback and has led to massive growth in Splashback functionality.

  • Move to the Cloud

    The data of all clients has been fully migrated to the cloud. This provides users greater control of their data with the ability to share data in a controlled fashion. The move to the cloud has also reduced barriers for customers outside of Tasmania, and means lower deployment costs.

  • Expansion

    Splashback is open for business and taking on new clients. Contact us to see how we can help manage data for your needs.

    Need to move to the cloud due to COVID-19? Work with your data from anywhere with Splashback.