Our customers mine for ore, not their data.

Don’t be in the dark when managing complex sample and observational data from multiple sources. Become an informed decision maker at your mine today.

Explore the features that are developed for your industry.

Our customers mine for ore, not their data. Splashback delivers the data mines need.

Workflows that meet the need of staff, contractors, consultants and regulatory requirements.

Mining inherently involves constantly changing conditions and landscape.

Import values easily and let Splashback provide data when and where you need it.

Model complex systems

Use our open APIs to model complex systems without the need for repeat data handling.

Field data collection

Import data directly from the field to Splashback with the Splashup app, online and offline

Share data internally and externally

Live data can be shared with stakeholders, regulators and research organizations on-platform to reduce overhead and ensure everyone has access to the latest data.

Laboratory and sonde imports

Import data from laboratories and field devices such as sondes directly to Splashback in minutes.

Integrate with process control

Securely integrate sample data into process control systems using our open APIs.

Full suite of analysis tools

A wide variety of easy-to-use analysis tools to rapidly analyze and understand data.

Our clients have never been more informed.

We put the data where the passion is.

Brad Schuuring
Environmental Technician at Hellyer Gold Mines

Hellyer Gold Mines Pty Ltd operates a large scale tailings reprocessing operation and has recently increased production rates and achieved high grade metal recovery and good economies at scale. We are committed to a long term sustainable operation including the rehabilitation of our site and prevention of  the potential release of pollutants into nearby waterways. This requires managing a complex operation, mitigating past pollutant sources inherited from past mining activity, all on a site with over 2 meters annual rainfall.

We share our water data with all relevant staff, management, and leading consultants through the Splashback platform. When you share data through Splashback, you also provide all the analytical tools, which improves understanding and saves time. This system allows for rapid analyses of trends, calculations of mass loads and confirmation that adverse potential downstream impacts are not occurring. We are also entering data efficiently with the custom laboratory imports and field tablets. Reporting is all streamlined. We highly recommend Splashback.

Defined workflows for efficient data management and analysis.

Splashback is designed to take the inputs you have and produce the outputs you need.

Field observations
Input field data directly into Splashback using a mobile device.

Laboratory and data logger data
Import data using our automated data logger and laboratory parsers.

Flow and rainfall data
Integrate data with hydraulic measurements for comprehensive auditing.

Sample variance
Subsample data such as size class and depth effectively.

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Analysis tools
Use our full suite of analysis tools to assess and act on catchment changes as they happen.

Staff and Consultants
Securely share data with staff, contractors and consultants with our analysis tools included at no cost to them.

Modelling and Process control
Provide data via API to models and process control systems to keep everything up-to-date.

Other software
Export and connect data to other systems for greater contextual understanding with our open APIs.

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