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Environmental Data Software

Splashback was created for environmental managers, scientists and consultants first and foremost. With our tailored features, improve monitoring of your environmental program with Splashback.

Built for scientists, loved by managers.
Automated lab and sensor imports, field data collection with a mobile app and data sharing with consultants and stakeholders simplifies environmental management.

Preserves the nuances of your data with our structure.
Store data as you observe it using sample variants. Track parameters that change with a variable such as water/soil depth or height.

Easy-to-use analysis tools.
Build reports and perform adhoc analyses easily from with Microsoft Excel. Power users can also query the same live data with advanced tools such as R and Python.

We work with people, not just data.

See how we’ve helped our clients get business value out of their data.

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Splashback is the all-in-one data solution to keep on top of your business.


Build an asset by connecting data across systems that work together with our APIs.

Automated Imports

Importing data is a breeze with our automated and guided import processes.

Analysis Tools

Splashback analysis tools are designed to be easy to use and fit into your existing workflow.

Self-service Portal

Our management portal lets you quickly and easily manage permissions and databases.

Mobile app

Upload data from anywhere using our mobile app to reduce data handling costs.

Data Sharing

Securely share data with people inside and outside your business. New users are always free.

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Your data won’t help anyone in a spreadsheet. Get in touch to discover how your Environmental Data can be streamlined with Splashback.

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