Permissioned, Cloud-based

Data Management and Governance Software

Sharing data securely should be just as easy as sharing a Google Sheet. With our cloud platform, you can collaborate on data with a robust structure in real time to dramatically increase productivity.

Data that’s shared is data that creates value.
We spent countless R&D hours on a secure permission system that makes data access seamless for everyone.

Cloud-connected data gives your business the edge.
Build dashboards, streamline reports and connect other business systems to put your business one step ahead.

One platform. No friction.
Data handling costs businesses thousands. Save the headache by using one platform for all your data needs.

We work with people, not just data.

See how we’ve helped our clients get business value out of their data.

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Splashback is the all-in-one data solution to keep on top of your business.


Build an asset by connecting data across systems that work together with our APIs.

Automated Imports

Importing data is a breeze with our automated and guided import processes.

Analysis Tools

Splashback analysis tools are designed to be easy to use and fit into your existing workflow.

Self-service Portal

Our management portal lets you quickly and easily manage permissions and databases.

Mobile app

Upload data from anywhere using our mobile app to reduce data handling costs.

Data Sharing

Securely share data with people inside and outside your business. New users are always free.

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Your data won’t help anyone in a spreadsheet. Get in touch to discover how your Data Management and Governance can be streamlined with Splashback.

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