Understand, engage and protect your catchment.

Don’t stress about managing complex sample and observational data from multiple sources. See how you can become a trusted catchment manager today with our Catchment Management Software.

Splashback originated from catchment management and never forgot its roots.

25 years of data, 25 years of value and they still recommend us.

Meet the needs of stakeholders and diverse catchment sampling requirements with one platform.

Audit and understand river systems and their inputs.

Understanding catchments is a challenging undertaking. Splashback provides the tools to understand and share your data with stakeholders to gain further input, engagement and trust.

Field data collection

Import data directly from the field to Splashback with the Splashup app, online and offline

Share data externally

Live data can be shared with stakeholders, regulators and research organisations on-platform to reduce overhead and ensure everyone has access to the latest data.

Model complex systems

Use our open APIs to model complex systems without the need for repeat data handling.

Build web portals

Securely build powerful, transparent water quality dashboards to share knowledge using the open Splashback APIs.

Full suite of analysis tools

A wide variety of easy-to-use analysis tools to rapidly analyze and understand data.

Laboratory and sonde imports

Import data from laboratories and field devices such as sondes directly to Splashback in minutes.

Protecting catchments by providing long-term knowledge.

25 years of data, 25 years of value and they still recommend us as their Catchment Management Software of choice.

Sam Whitehead
Estuary Scientist at Derwent Estuary Program

“The Derwent Estuary Program has been collecting, analysing and sharing information about the health of the Derwent Estuary for 25+ years. Our work empowers stakeholders to make more informed decisions, ultimately leading to a healthier Derwent estuary, for everyone.”

“Splashback is at the core of the Derwent Estuary Program. It is a secure data storage facility that allows us to quickly and easily find, analyse and distribute the information we need.”

“The new version of Splashback, released in 2019, simplifies data management and the online sharing portal automates data sharing. This gives our partners direct access to the data pool we share with them and that reduces the amount of time we would otherwise spend on administration.”

“The best thing about the service is that if we ever need personal support, Danny Ray is always available at short notice with his friendly service.”

“Thanks Danny for building, maintaining and optimising this program, we are thrilled to be working with you!”

Defined workflows for efficient data management and analysis.

Splashback is designed to take the inputs you have and produce the outputs you need.

Field observations
Input field data directly into Splashback using a mobile device.

Laboratory and sonde data
Import data using our automated sonde and laboratory parsers.

Flow and rainfall data
Integrate data with hydraulic measurements for comprehensive auditing.

Depth observations
Depth data is imported seamlessly and analysed effectively.

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Analysis tools
Use our full suite of analysis tools to assess and act on catchment changes as they happen.

Share data with stakeholders and provide our analysis tools at no cost.

Provide data via API to models, so updates can be made with no further data handling.

Other software
Export and connect data to other systems for greater contextual understanding with our open APIs.

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