Manage multiple data sources with ease.

Don’t stress about managing complex sample and observational data from multiple sources. See how you can become an informed decision maker in the aquaculture industry today.

Explore the features that are built with the aquaculture industry in mind.

Our happy, informed customers speak volumes about our effectiveness.

Tailored workflows to take the inputs you have and produce the outputs you need.

Reliably analyze environmental and production data on a managed, integrated platform.

Data in the aquaculture space can be a complex system to wrangle. Our extensive feature set has been developed with the industry’s requirements in mind.

Connect multiple complex data sources

Import water quality samples, field measurements, solids waste and fish weight data using our intuitive interface, mobile app or open APIs.

Work with data securely from anywhere

You don’t need to be at work to access your data with Splashback.

Generate regulatory and production reports

Automatically populate custom report templates for regulatory bodies and board meetings.

Build web portals

Securely build powerful, transparent water quality dashboards to generate trust using the open Splashback APIs.

Share data internally and externally

Live data can be shared across departments and with regulators on-platform to reduce overhead and ensure everyone has access to the latest data.

Sample data with depth

Splashback handles data that varies with water depth very effectively.

Our clients have never been more informed.

We put the data where the passion is.

Adam Chapman
Freshwater Environment Manager at Huon Aquaculture

Huon Aquaculture uses Splashback in their Freshwater Operations to share environmental monitoring data from their hatchery sites with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Huon was introduced to Splashback by Adam Chapman, Freshwater Environment Manager, who used it in a previous role.

“Splashback is utilised by a diverse range of businesses and environmental management groups to store, manage, assess and distribute water quality data,” said Adam.

“I used this system prior to my employment with Huon and I found that it was easy to use, easy to teach to others, adaptive, cheap and delivered data to government agencies in a format that they understood and worked with on a daily basis.”

“For these reasons I immediately introduced this platform to Freshwater Operations here at Huon Aquaculture when I began my tenure. We use this system to share environmental monitoring data with our regulators and I find it to be a very effective system and the modern architecture fits in well with our company’s IT’s direction.”

“I highly recommend Splashback to other businesses,” finished Adam.

Huon Aquaculture has used Splashback for 6+ years.

Defined workflows for efficient data management and analysis.

Splashback is designed to take the inputs you have and produce the outputs you need.

Field measurement
Input field data directly into Splashbackusing a mobile device.

Field sample
Import data using our automated laboratory parsers.

Operational data
Collect operational information such as pellets used per day.

Catchment observation
View third-party catchment data alongside your data.

Splashback icon

Staff and Consultants
Share data within and outside your organization with our analysis tools included.

Share data with regulatory bodies with the same great analysis tools at no cost to them.

Automated reports
Setup template spreadsheets to generate reports live with Splashback Functions.

Other software
Export and connect data to other systems for greater contextual understanding with our open APIs.

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