See what’s on the horizon for the data platform of the future.

Q3 2021

Version 2.0

With Splashback 2.0, we are rolling out our new brand, as well as back-end improvements and optimizations to prepare for features coming in future releases!

Tweaks + Planning

Start development on documentation, and perform general bug fixes.

Q2 2021
Q1 2021

Version 1.2

Introducing the Splashback Portal, giving you control over user access management!

Minor Release

Introducing Splashback Functions for automated report generation and complex analysis!

Q4 2020
Q3 2020

Minor Release

Introducing Splashback Data Summary and Site Summary! These tools give you an overview of data for multiple sites or parameters.

Version 1.1 + Splashup

Introducing Splashup, the mobile app for you to enter data directly from your device, anywhere.

Q2 2020
Q1 2020

Tweaks + Planning

Supporting our clients with the new cloud-based platform, as well as bug fixes.

Version 1.0

Migrate all clients to the new cloud-based platform!
This also marks the first release of the new suite of Splashback analysis tools – Splashback Governor and Splashback Compare.

Q4 2019