Share data securely, internally and externally without leaving the platform.

The Splashback Portal empowers you with complete control over your organization, your data, and who can access it.

Explore your visual dashboard for a complete overview of your resources and permissions.

Manage your resources, billing information and more from one place.

Permissions designed to be secure and intuitive, while maintaining complete flexibility.

A revolutionary visual dashboard to easily manage resources and permissions.

Never be in the dark about who has what data. Our dashboard is unlike any other, allowing you to view and manage permissions in an intuitive and comprehensive way.

Resources that are easy to understand.

Discover the different resource types below.

Are created for each person that needs access to Splashback. 100% free, forever.
Are databases that hold your data.

Permissions for all scenarios.

These permissions cover every situation you could imagine.

Can read data.
Can read and submit new data.
Can read and write data, and see who has access to data.
Can read and write data, and manage who has access to data.