Connect our open APIs to existing systems for contextual understanding.

Collecting data is no longer a problem – its how we make sense of it. Increase the value of your data by integrating it across systems and building public or private portals.

Web portals
Display data with public or private data portals, using our example code.

Use Splashback data in packages such as Python and R.

Integrate existing software and databases with the Splashback ecosystem.

Build web portals for complete data transparency and accessibility.

Using our open APIs, you have the power to display Splashback data in a way people understand it. Build monitoring portals, alert dashboards and more using our example code.

Query and analyze Splashback data using APIs

There’s no need to handle CSVs or other data files with Splashback – simply query what you need with our APIs on the fly.

with splashback_data.ApiClient(configuration) as api_client:
  # Create an instance of the API class
  api_instance = sites_api.SitesApi(api_client)
  # Get Sites in the given pool
  sites = api_instance.api_sites_pool_id_get(pool_id=pool_id)

# Show Sites

Integrate with other data sources and infrastructure.

Use other data sources with Splashback using our integration script and open APIs.

Find out more about integrations on our blog.

Case Study: Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) integration and portal

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Using Python for Sample data integration with Splashback

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