Perform analysis using a familiar interface.

Our analysis tools run on Microsoft Excel, integrating into existing workflows.

Functions fit for any industry.

  • Data Pools

    Pool your datasets to keep your data close to the source. People who care about the data, look after it.

  • Time Series

    Plot multiple parameters over time, for any site. Save your plots to regenerate them later.

  • Compare

    Plot parameter vs. parameter for the ability to do more complex comparisons and better understand the interaction between measurements.

  • Data Summary

    Plot and summarise parameters for a site or sites to get a temporal overview of your data.

  • Box-and-Whisker Plots

    Use box and whisker plots to understand data distributions.

  • Functions*

    Build reports to easily publish data regularly without rebuilding from scratch, right in Excel.

  • Seasonal Analysis*

    Understand how a parameter varies with the seasons or months.

  • Calculation Tool *

    Generate calculated time series data/mass loads to analyse across Splashback.

  • Metadata Tool*

    See what parameters are available for each site or program in your database at the click of a button.

* = In Development.